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Spanish variety extra
Spanish variety
Spanish variety anchovy flavour
Thin boneless
Spicy gordal nº1
Gordal nº1
Spicy nº2
Gordal nº2
Savoury snacks (Lupytas)
Lupytas 1/2
Sliced savoury snacks (Lupytas)
Mix (Cocktail)
Gherkins 1/2
Green slices
Black slices
Spring onions
Grated carrot
Virgin Extra Olive Oil Mix
Thanks to the transparency of its glass, the galón is introduced in every sector and allows contrasting the high quality of the olives throughout the selection of our brand.  
Spanish variety extra
Ref.: 1006
Size: 160/200
Net weigh: 3,800 Kg.
Wrung out weigh: 2,300 Kg.
Nº of units/box: 2
Box Nº/pallet: 68
La salada golosina
Ctra. Orense, Km 4.
24403 Ponferrada (León)
Tlf +0034 987 41 52 41
Fax +0034 987 40 41 28
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